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Infant Development Program

A child's brain grows rapidly during the first three years of life and good early learning experiences help the brain develop well. When something gets in the way of a child's learning to crawl, walk, talk, or think, the problem needs to be identified early so that the child can get help during these crucial years of development and the family can get the information and supports needed.

Sometimes children can catch up on their own, but if a child has a developmental delay research shows that services are most effective if begun during the early years of life. Some children learn differently than others, so the way a child learns needs to be identified in order for the family to become familiar with the activities that will assist with development. In some cases, children with developmental delays can experience other problems in which they cannot explore and interact with their world. When services are started early on, these other issues may be stopped before they start.

An important part of every child's development is his or her parents. One of the primary responsibilities of the OFI Infant Development Program is to support families by helping them find information, locate services and learn about routines and actives that will help their children. Most often infant Development provides services in the home at a time convenient for the family, but services can be provided in other locations if the family decides that would be better for them.  


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